What is a Bereavement Doula?


As a trained bereavement doula, I see my role as an additional layer of support for parents experiencing or who have experienced loss of a baby.  My philosophy and practice is to provide information, practical support (helping with family, friends, arrangements etc.) birth support, support through medical procedures and companionship.  


As a birth and bereavement doula I am not qualified to provide medical advice nor am I qualified to provide counseling or mental health diagnosis/treatment. What I can provide is a companion to walk with you through the wilderness. 


What does a Bereavement Doula do?

  • Supports families through miscarriage and early pregnancy loss at home or in hospital

  • Supports families through maternity related medical procedures 

  • Supports parents through difficult diagnosis and helps them gain information and understanding of the diagnosis

  • Supports families in the lead up to the birth of a baby who has already passed or is not expected to survive outside the womb

  • Is present and supportive through the labour and birth both at home and in hospital

  • Helps families acknowledge and celebrate the birth of all babies - helps them to say hello to baby

  • Helps families in creating memories, mementoes and keepsakes of their birth and babies

  • Supports families of babies in the NICU

  • Helps and supports families in saying goodbye to baby

  • Helps and supports families in dealing with grief and reaching out for professional help and support


What does this entail?


That very much depends on the family and their wants and needs.  I might visit in the home, I might be a companion in hospital.  I might support the family through labour and birth. I might provide help and support with subsequent rainbow pregnancies.  I might do all of the above.


(Please understand that my presence in hospitals is subject to hospital approval and permission.)


What does this cost?


There is no cost for this service.  However, I invite families to ‘pay it forward’ and give a gift of support for the next family I support.  This gift will help me to cover my expenses in providing this service to others; mainly childcare of my own children while I am present with families, petrol, parking, costs of mementoes and keepsakes.  You can give a gift for a family in need of doula support here.



How do I know if I want this service?


The best thing to do is get in touch for a chat and if you want to we can meet and discuss in person.  It is most important that you and your family feel comfortable with me and that is difficult to gauge until we meet in person.  I am happy to arrange to meet so please feel free to get in touch by email or call me on 0863856225.




Useful links and information about the bereavement doula service:




My training and credentials in this area:

  • Trained, certified and listed Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula

  • Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor & FEDANT approved Childbirth educator

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

  • FEDANT approved Infant Loss Training

  • Certificate in Holding Space in Pregnancy Loss from the Institute of Birth, Breath and Death facilitated by Amy Wright Glenn author, doula & chaplain 

  • Certificate from Irish Hospice Foundation workshop in Perinatal Bereavement 

Berevement Doula