Birth Stories

Baby Amber-Rose

"This was my fifth baby but first Hypnobirth.  I was currious as to how it would work and whether it would work for me. I ended up going in to be induced but was lucky enough that i only needed my waters broke. I was uncomfortable but not in too much pain. It was one of my quickest and most relaxed births I did not feel the panic or need for the epidural and ended up having the most perfect relaxed birth.  I am delighted I learned and used hypobirthing and if I do have anymore, I will be going in with the same relaxing attitude as I know it works. Thanks Emily for being a great teacher."


Lynne, Dublin

Baby Jack

"...all your prep was so helpfull.  Thanks for all your advice."


Ellie (GP), Dublin

Baby Maria


"I was so glad that I prepared for the birth of my first baby by attending Emily's hynobirthing course. Even though circumstances meant that I had an emergency c-section, the hypnobirthing philosophy and techniques shaped my whole pregnancy, ensuring that it was very positive, healthy and stress-free. I also used the relaxation techniques to help get me through the experience of having an emergency c-section and to help me with breastfeeding! I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing to other expectant parents."


Laura, Dublin

Baby Jessica


"After a difficult first delivery we were eager to try a different approach to the birth. We had heard about hypnobirthing but were very skeptical coming from a medical background. After meeting Emily our fears were alleviated. Throughout our sessions we learned practical skills to deal with the delivery. Even though I was induced I can honestly say hypnobirthing helped me achieve a calm and positive birth. It helped me control the fear, which is at the root of most women's anxiety."


Joyce (Midwife), Dublin

Baby Jackson


Hi Emily, my Mummy says im the most chilled out happy Baba because you taught her how to hypnobirth me into this world. Personally I think its because im a cool dude!!  We would both like to say a whopper thank you for helping us to have such a great start to our amazing journey as Son and Mummy, sending a big squeezy hug ur way, lots of love Baby Jackson hypnobirthed 14/5/14 and his Mummy Rebekah


Rebekah, Dublin

Baby Gus


Emily's classes were invaluable to myself and my husband. After a pretty traumatic experience birthing my first baby I was very apprehensive leading up to birthing my second.  Emily's support, kindness, humour and knowledge ensured both my husband and I were well prepared and our second birth experience was brilliant and felt like going on a date!! We had the loveliest time during labour from start to amazing finish!! I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. 


Stefane, Dublin

Baby Tom

Emily I did it!!!  Thank you so much for your help and support in helping our child start life in the world in the best, drug free, natural way possible. Baby Tom says "thanks Emily for helping my Mom bring me into the world naturally. I'll be forever grateful x"


Sarah, Dublin

Baby Rowan


Thinking back, my main motivations for attending Emily's hypnobirthing classes were to ensure that I was well educated in what to expect at each stage of labour and to give me tools / techniques to help me to feel in control throughout. I certainly felt that the classes helped on both fronts.  


Cliona, Dublin

Baby Violet


" I was in hard labour for hours and starting to become exhausted. So after discussion I got the epidural but of course it didn't work 100% which suited me.


My body told me to push. I started to breathe baby down and the midwife told me it was too soon. But I listened to my body and I kept breathing baby down. I told the midwife that I really needed to push and that I felt burning. She gave me a little look and at 8.30 she was crowning! Few pushes and breathing she popped into the world and she's perfect!!


Thanks so much for all the support and I don't think I could have gotten as far as I did without the help that we got from hypnobirthing!"


Hannah, Dublin



Baby Robyn
When we arrived at the hospital we went straight to delivery and after an exam, the midwife told me I was around 6cm! I couldn't believe it.  

When Robyn was born she was very alert, eyes wide open and started sucking her hand straight away.


I was so happy having done it without pain relief and using the hypnobirthing techniques you taught us, I did something I never thought I'd be able to :-)


I just want to thank you again for teaching us the hypnobirthing techniques, I'll certainly be recommending it to others.


Rachael, Dublin

Baby Benjamin


Baby Benjamin was born on the 20th of June following 70 hours of surges. I could not have done it without hypnobirthing......and more importantly Emily McElarney.


I whole heartedly recommend hypnobirthing to all expectant mothers but I think the right instructor can also add even more to the experience. After five classes with Emily my husband and I felt fully prepared for the labour. In fact I couldn't wait to try out all the techniques Emily had taught us!


But Emily taught us much more than hypnobirthing. Being a mom of three she is a fountain of knowledge on child birth and informally incorporates this into her classes which I would describe as invaluable.


Dyane, Dublin