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The Positive Birth Movement Dublin

Myself and my friend Amber Leipner (www.maternalwaves.com) are delighted to have set up the Positive Birth Movement Dublin.

This is the Dublin branch of the global Positive Birth Movement.

We hold monthly meetings where you can come and link up with other mums and dads to be, parents and birth professionals and talk about birth in a positive way. Each month we have a different theme to our meetings. Its all about helping people look at birth more positively, without being under pressure to buy something or sign up for anything - that's very important to us!!

So just to be clear - unlike some other groups you might come across, this is not about selling ANYTHING!

Meetings take place on the last Sunday of every month at 11.00am in the elbowroom

where you can buy lovely tea and cake to go with your positive birthing chats!

You can find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/positivebirthmovementDublin or email us on positivebirthmovementdublin@gmail.com

Here are some articles I've written about our meetings:



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