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Mam to Mam Breastfeeding Support in Rush

Mums in Rush where I live really need a bit of support. Not someone doubting them or weighing their baby and using that as a measure of their motherhood skills.

So I'm setting up Mam to Mam Rush. I am hoping it will become a peer lead breastfeeding buddy system. Mums supporting mums. It is not taking the place of professional advice - that needs to come from a qualified Lactation professional. But so many mums don't need professional help with breastfeeding as they're already doing a great job, they just don't believe in themselves. Or sometimes they just need a cup of tea and a chat!


Mam to Mam Rush is meeting for the first time on April 21st in Rush Community Centre at 10am. Its open to mums to be, new mums and veteran mums. If you don't need help yourself, come and help other mums feel confident about the amazing job they're doing.

We are also looking for donations of tea and biccies and also breastfeeding books that you might be finished with to create a library.

If you're interested in helping, donating or coming along you could join our facebook page facebook.com/mamtomamRush or contact me here!

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