5 movies every pregnant woman should watch...

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It’s much harder to find something to watch that’ll get you feeling positive and confident so get out the popcorn, here’s my top 5 movies every pregnant women should watch:

  1. The Business of Being Born

This is a brilliant movie/documentary made by none other then actress and “oh no you didn’t” chat show presenter Rikki Lake. After a pretty tough birthing experience Rikki teams up with (pregnant) film maker Abby Epstein to explore the maternity care system in America. The film follows home birth midwives in New York, medics in hospitals and expectant parents asking should birth be viewed as a natural process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency.

  1. What Babies Want

This is an award winning documentary exploring the consciousness of babies both inside and outside the womb. This one is narrated by Noah Wyle (or Dr Carter from vintage ER).

This film is full of heartwarming, captivating stories and remarkable personal experiences of infants, children and adults. Research is now showing us that our society is a product of how we welcome and raise our children. This film explores how, when babies are welcomed with love and warmth and given the immediate opportunity to bond with parents, they develop minds that are coherent and flexible. They are then ready to make compassionate and meaningful connections with others, as they grow.

  1. The Big Stretch

An Australian movie which explores how we as women stretch in every way (not just physically) when we become mothers. It follows women in different stages of pregnancy and preparing for a natural birth and shares their reflections and that of their partners afterwards. This film brings great insight into the importance of breath awareness, the intensity of birth, the challenges facing women, relationships and the personal transformation involved in becoming a parent.

  1. Birth As We Know It

Ok warning, this Russian film is quite ‘hippy dippy’ but also features some really incredible births. The full feature film features 11 natural births: at home, in the sea (yes in the freezing cold Russian sea!), breech birth, and a home water-birth of twins. This link is to the shortened ‘educational’ version. If you’re looking to watch something that normalises birth - this is it.

5. Men in Labour

Someone stuck a labour pain simulator on men. Sometimes pregnant ladies just need to watch this...you’re welcome!

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