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What parents said after my class...

I wanted to share some amazing feedback I got recently.

I always ask for feedback good or bad (I can take it!). Its the only way to make sure classes provide parents with what they want and need.

Here's the testimonials from some recent group classes:

"Thank you so much for the plan and for everything really, you are an amazing woman and we feel very lucky to had met you first before the official antenatal classes from the hospital to have a base on what to believe and what to double check. Thank you, really."

"I have to say that we both enjoyed the class!! We've learned so much from it! And definitely we will take all your points for consideration."

"We both really enjoyed the workshop. It was very interesting and informative and you presented it in really lovely way. Your energy and positivity is infectious. Its really good to hear birthing talked about in such a positive way rather than the horror stories that Irish people seem so eager to impart with expectant Mums!"

"Thank you so much for the course. The baby came last Friday morning. It was great to have your words of wisdom and although I had to be induced it was an amazing experience again. The breathing, the ball, visualisations, affirmations, the breathing again!! All helped the experience. Thank you again and hopefully our paths will cross in the future. "

"I wanted to write and say what a brilliant workshop you ran on Sunday!! It was extremely informative but also a lot of fun! It was great how you involved the Dads and you have a fabulous way of creating an inclusive, open atmosphere."

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to write feedback. It is hugely appreciated.


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