Rainbow Doula 

Rainbow baby

That's my own beautiful rainbow baby up there - Elsie Mai born in January 2015 after my third pregnancy ended in miscarriage in February 2014 at 9 weeks.  When I was 13 weeks pregnant with Elsie Mai I went for a routine GP visit and when he tested my urine he told me there was a trace of blood in it.  Internally, I immediately fell apart, fearing the worst. Externally I calmly asked if he thought I was miscarrying again to which my (then) GP said "don't get complacent, you're not out of the woods yet you know" and sent me in to the Rotunda.  There was no trace of blood, my urine was completely clear, the wonderful Rotunda midwives did everything to reassure me by scanning me and showing me my baby who looked like she was sunbathing at the time, hands behind her head.  Thankfully everything was ok, but I realised that day, just how vulnerable and terrified I was.  I also realised I was not going to completely relax until that baby was cooing in my arms.  This is one of the main reasons I am hugely passionate about supporting families through rainbow pregnancies, pregnancies after loss.

What Does a Rainbow Doula do?

  • Supports families through pregnancy after loss, providing and ear to listen to fears without judgement

  • Helps families find ways to to bond with this baby and pregnancy while also honoring the baby that came before

  • Guides the family through hypnobirthing* and active birthing if they so wish

  • Prepares the family for a positive birthing experience and helps mum identify how she would like to experience this birth and communicate that to her care providers 

  • Be present and supportive through labour and birth to help ensure a positive, empowering experience 

What does this entail?

That very much depends on the family and their wants and needs.  They may want support through some or all of the pregnancy only, through the labour and birth of their baby only or support throughout.  They my wish to have support after the birth of their baby to help them ease themselves into this new situation.


(Please understand that my presence in hospitals is subject to hospital approval and permission.)


What does this cost?

There is a reduced cost doula package for families wishing to have support through subsequent pregnancies or rainbow pregnancies, however I also provide this service free of charge when required, from gifts from other families I have supported. You can give a gift at my fundraising page www.ifundraise.ie/RainbowDoula


Please get in touch to discuss and I will be very happy to chat about the options.

*there is an extra charge for hypnobirthing classes, please ask for details.

My training and credentials in this area:

  • Trained, certified and listed Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula

  • Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

  • Certificate in Holding Space in Pregnancy Loss from the Institute of Birth, Breath and Death facilitated by Amy Wright Glenn author, doula & chaplain 

  • Certificate from Irish Hospice Foundation workshop in Perinatal Bereavement 

  • FEDANT approved certificate in Infant Loss Training