Hypnobirthing is a philosophy which can be used to help women birth their babies naturally, without medicated pain relief and without medical intervention. 

Once trained by a hypnobirthing professional, a mum will be able to place herself in a state of deep relaxation at the onset of labour, which will allow her body, and her baby, to carry out all the natural steps to child birth in a calm, relaxed and often painless manner.

The Hypnobirthing course is a series of classes that support the mind/body connection and work toward eliminating the fear~tension~pain cycle before, during and after birth.

Mothers and their birth partners will be taught relaxation and self hypnosis techniques to reduce fear and tension and create a shorter more comfortable labour.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is not only about teaching women how to have a positive birth experience.  It is about creating strong, confident mothers who inherintly trust themselves and, by using their natural instincts, make choices that are right for themselves and their families.


You can learn more about The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme here.


Taking a Hypnobirthing course is not about preparing to have 'the perfect birth'.  Its about preparing to accept whatever birth brings in a confident, empowered manner and carrying that confidence on into perenthood.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Although the ‘Hypno’ element may deter initially,  I like to remind clients that hypnosis is just a naturally induced state of relaxed focused concentration. Many of us have already experienced the self hypnotic state of day dreaming. Self hypnosis is a relaxed state where the mind/body connection can enhance communication with our subconscious mind. The subconscious is part of our mind that influences what we think, how we feel and the choices we make.

Hypnobirthing has many benefits that reach far beyond the birth itself.

Here are some of the proven benefits of Hypnobirthing:

  • Mums remain relaxed and completely in control of their labour and birth whether in hospital or at home

  • Mums are less likely to require induction

  • Mums are less likely to require C-section

  • Mums recover quicker and spend less time in hospital

  • Babies tend to be more alert and establish feeding better after a natural birth

  • Mums enjoy their pregnancy more and feel more connected with baby

  • Dads and birthing partners become more involved and many Hypnobirthing Dads report feeling more connected with the pregnancy and baby

  • There is no fear of labour and birth on the part of Mum, Dad or birth partner or baby!

  • Hypnobirthed babies tend to sleep better and have less instance of colic, reflux and other  common conditions

  • Labours tend to be shorter

  • Mums who have had no trauma at birth tend to have much better success breastfeeding






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